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testosterone steroids

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Steroid Stack:

To get cut you need a good work ethic in the gym and the special attention to diet...both of these factors are extremely crucial for the ultimate in muscularity and definition.

Combine all this "discipline" with the right drug cycle and you'll transform yourself into a person you did not know even existed.

OK, let's dig in and discover the necessary "tools" that will get us super-shredded and muscular. 

Drive, in doses as low as 100mg a week, will do wonders for your muscularity (it burns fat like crazy!!). And pure ephedrine with some strong Cajun coffee is as potent as any prescription fat burner you can find. Toss in a little Proviron to block any possible estrogen build up from the Drive, rub a little Triacana on the old abs...and you've got a perfect shredding cycle.

Now throw in 4-6 meal replacements, plus 45 minutes cardio a day, and it's little wonder I got so cut! That was my prescription, 220 mg Drive, e/c/a stack, Proviron, Triacana, meal replacements and lots of cardio! Yeah, I know, Drive is not available, Proviron and Triacana are illegal, plus cardio is a royal pain in the butt! You want a legal (and readily accessible!) and much easier way? 


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testosterone steroids