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Known Name Brands: Debeone, Fenformin 

Description: Phenformin - "Debeone - 25 mg. tablets","Debeone 'DT' -50 mg. capsules. Debeone is just a brand name for phenformin which is another oral hypoglycemic drug. Phenformin was made to be used to control mild to severe adult onset diabetes . This drug was no longer made accessable to the public after 1977 since it was associated with the development of lactic acidosis. This drug is will increase the body's ability to transport glucose into the muscle cells much better by increasing insulin sensitivity. This substance will also inhibit the body's formation of sugar by the liver whereby lowering insulin secretion in the body. This substance is very similar to Glucophage (see page) that is also an oral hypoglycemic except that phenformin is considered the harsher of the two compounds. Phenformin is considered to be from 5 - 10 times stronger than Glucophage at what it does for the body on a mg. per mg. comparison. Glucophage has signifigantly less side effects than phenformin has as well. The chance for an overdose causing hypoglycemia with the use of Glucophage is dose related whereas you almost have to take a lethal dose. Phenformin will increase insulin sensitivity in the body as well. 

As far as bodybuilders are concerned, this product is used as an oral form of insulin. It will cause greater glycogen supercompensation during carb-ups as well as lowering blood glucose for those that are using the BodyOpus or Atkins diet to induce ketosis more easily. This drug is commonly taken as well to increase pumps and vascularity. Common side effects of Phenformin are a metallic taste in the mouth, nausea, and vomiting. This drug is also associated with the development of lactic acidosis, which has a mortality rate of 50 - 75 % of the people who contract this disease. I would recommend staying away from this one since Glucophage is available and the side effects don't include diseases with a tendency twords death. That is just me though. 

Effective Dose: At the very most, you would take 150 mgs. taken in three divided doses with water before meals. 

Street Price: Unknown 

Stacking Info: This compound is commonly taken with Creatine in order to help shuttle the creatine into the muscles more effectively since this product increases insulin sensitivity.


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