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Substance: Dromostanolone 

This steroid is an, oil based injectable from France. It is the same as Masteron, which is made in Spain. As with some other derivatives of DHT, it is a valuable pre-contest drug. Dramatic increases in muscularity are often reported among users. This does not mean that if a person takes Permastril it will make their body lean and muscular. When a report indicates a steroid will "harden" the muscles. 

It really means that if you are already maintaining low body fat, like a pre-contest bodybuilder, the drug will sharpen the muscles, appearance. Often a bodybuilder will endure weeks of torturous dieting along with long hard workouts only to find their physique flat or smooth. The body fat is low enough, but often high estrogen levels and low androgens will leave the muscles looking subpar. This is where a steroid like Permastril acts like a dramatic "hardening drug". Bodybuilders do seem to favour using this drug for the last four or five weeks before a show, often in a stack with Primobolan or Winstrol. Novaldex is usually not used with Permastril because it does not aromatise at any dosage. The hepatotoxicity of this drug is very minimal, as it’s gonadotropic suppression. This steroid exhibits high anabolic and lower androgenic properties than testosterone. Although we have outlined its use as being mainly for pre-contest bodybuilders, it is also used on cycles where the athlete wishes to avoid water retention and aromatisation. In this case athletes have reported fair strength increases and denser looking muscle. Of course athletes do not experience the type of rapid strength increases they would with testosterone because this is a function of water retention more than anything else. Reportedly Permastril is a popular drug with endurance athletes as well. It is quick in and out of the system. Injections average one ampule, every four or five, days. This drug has been hard to detect on any steroid test. The present availability of Permastril is slow, but reportedly improving due to high demand. It costs $15 per ampule, and is most available on the East Coast. 


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