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testosterone steroids

 Testosterone Research: Anabolic Steroids



Substance: Norethandrolone 

10mg/tab 100/bottle 

This is a very androgenic steroid. It is used for size and strength, and for some it is quite effective. Unfortunately this drug is very toxic and aromatises easily. Many users reported heavy water retention (edema) while taking Nilevar. Dosage of 30mg to 40mg daily are suspected average. This drug is very rarely seen on the market. 

This oral has progestagenic activity. I don't have information on whether Winstrol counteracts this, as appears to be the case with Anadrol, but in any case it is not considered a particularly useful drug for male bodybuilders. For female bodybuilders, it is probably an average synthetic, comparable to Dianabol. It shares the liver toxicity issues common to 17-alkylated steroids.


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testosterone steroids