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testosterone steroids

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Substance: Methyltestosterone 

Discontinued names: Metandren / Android. 25 mg tabs Oral, 100/bottle by LACROIX Labs, Monaco Cedex sold in just about every drug store south of the Boarder in Mexico. Cost about $20-$25. This drug is oral testosterone.
It's mainly a male androgen replacement. More androgenic than anabolic dosages are one to two tabs per day. It aromatizes easily, and for the most part is obsolete, except for a few limited uses which work great. Methyltestosterone tabs take about 30 min, to get into the system, this drug promotes Aggression, perhaps better than any other steroid. The Aggression lasts about 1 1/2 to two hours with diminishing effects optimal max. Dose 50 mg per day. Best taken before weightlifting workout. It makes you very aggressive while you workout, thus makes you work harder, stronger, and with more focus. It increases your strength via aggression, it seems to contribute to health and added energy. This belongs to the 17 Alpha-group of steroid which will cause mildly elevated liver function tasts. As with any 17 alpha group steroid basic liver function tests should be monitored. Due to the aggressive nature of this steroid using it in conjunction with alcohol, other drugs, or steroids is not advisable. 


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testosterone steroids