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Megagrisevit is an unusual steriod which has several characteristics. In addition to the substance clostebole acetate it also contains the two vitamins B6 and B12. The vitamin B12 is present as cyanocobalamin in the amount of 100 mcg per dragee and 2500 mcg per 1.5 ml ampule. The chemical denomination for the vitamin B6 is pyridoxinhydrochloride and is included in a dragee with a strength of 50 mg while the 1.5 ml ampule contains only 10 mg. It is also noted that in the injectable Megagrisevit both vitamins are included separately so that the red 1.5 ml vitamin ampule must be mixed with the 1.5 ml steroid injection vial prior to injection. 

The main effect of Megagrisevit consists of stimulating the protein synthesis and leading to a positive nitrogen balance. It has a predominantly anabolic effect which is combined with a very weak and sublimlnal, androgenic residual effect. "This all sounds great" some of you will say but, unfortunately it must also be noted that the anabolic effect of this compound is also not very strong. No large strength and muscle gains can be obtained with Megagrisevit but one should not immediately discard this remedy since, when used properly, it is interesting for bodybuilders. The dragees are not recommended for bodybuilders since their effect is weak, so in the following we will exclusively discuss the injectable version. Also in this context we would like to recommend in the beginning that you do not use the red ampule with the vitamin cocktail. The vitamin injection might indeed increase the appetite and in some cases lead to an improved psychological well-being but it has the disadvantage that, together with a steroid injection, too large an injection volume will accumulate in the body if the athlete injects the required steroid amount. It must also be considered that a high amount of B 12 and B6 will not necessarily improve performance. What remains then, is a 1.5 ml injection vial with a milky suspension that is really interesting. All those of you who have absolute confidence in the 20 mg Primobolanacetat ampules and bemoaned the day when they were taken off the market will find a potent substitute in this 1.5 ml injection vial. The substance clostebole acetate is dissolved in water, has a low half-life time, does not aromatize, does not retain water, and is non-toxic. It is, however, still an excellent steroid when preparing for a competition. Athletes normally use two 1.5 ml vials per day which can be combined into one large 3 ml injection, equal to a daily intake of 20 mg of clostebole acetate. Women also achieve remarkable results and inject the same amount every second day. 

As the only steroid used during a diet phase Megagrisevit certainly is too weak; however, in combination with the stronger androgenic steroids such as Parabolan, Masteron, or Testosterone propionate it has effects similar to the old Primoacetat am' pules. But there is more. Megagrisevit is not liver-toxic and in these dosages rarely has side effects. Even women have few virilization symptoms. It is also one of the few steroids which is still manufactured in Germany and available in German pharmacies with a prescription so that shortages are uniikely. Since most people do not know the benefits offered by Megagrisevit, the demand, in our experience, is so low that one won't find it on the U.S. black market. Megagrisevit is available in German pharmacies in package sizes of 3 inj. vials (price approx. $30) and 10 inj. vials (price approx. $85) The prices are taken from the German Red List 1995. The largest disadvantage, as can be readily recognized, is the high cost one would have to pay if injecting two vials per day There are currently no fakes of this compound


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