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Finaject was an injectable steroid of veterinary medicine which was extremely popular in bodybuilding and powerlifting during the 1980's. "Was"?, some of you will wonder. Well, we can easily explain this. All those of you who still do not know, do not believe, do not want to realize the facts, or still let unscrupulous black market dealers convince you to purchase Finaject, should pay attention to the following statement: ORIGINAL FINAJECT HAS NOT BEEN MANUFACTURED IN NINE YEARS! (Finaplix will be discussed at the end of this chapter.) Since 1987 neither Finaject nor hnajet has been manufactured in either France or Great Britain, nor in any other country worldwide. Residual supplies are available at this time; however, in all likelihood they are used up or superposed (past their expiration dates). For this reason, trade with faked Finaject is booming on the black market where the athlete can find a 30 ml or 50 ml vial of dark-brown glass that usually comes with a red cap. The label or sticker is in French and shows the compound as "Finaject 30." The manufacturer is apparently Distrivet s.a., 35 bd des Invalides, 75007 Paris by "Groupe Roussel UCLAF" The expiration date and manufacturing date are either missing or printed in the same type as the rest of the label. In some cases the vial comes in an additional package. The multicolored imprint on the carton can be wiped off with your finger if you wet the label and apply some pressure when rubbing. This would never be the case on an original package. All fakes are lacking traces of the substance "trenbolone acetate." So what does this compound contain? An analysis made in September '93 showed a very small amount of "testosterone enanthate." This finding, however, does not mean much, since the next vial that is analyzed might contain something completely different. The 50 ml oil solution costs $350-400. on the black market, which is a lot of money for a little "Testo." No matter what, the best you can do is stay clear of compounds with the imprint "Finaject." The same is obviously true for the English Finajet. 

Although it does not make much sense to describe in detail a compound and its characteristics when it is no longer available (yes, we will talk about Finaplix) we would like to make an exception here. Some day perhaps "Fina" will be produced again, although this seems unlikely. Too many times in Europe it was illicitly abused in the treatment of animals destined for food processing. This shows what a high potential for abuse there is. Finaject is a very strong and androgenic compound which also has a high anabolic effect. It gives its users a fast and powerful strength gain without causing excessive gain in body weight. The reason is that "Fina" does not cause a water retention in the body. This was the reason why it was so popular among powerlifters who had to stay within a certain weight class. The strength gain is comparable to the famous "mass steroids" Dianabol, Anapolon 50, and Testosterone. What is special about Finaject is the substance trenobolone acetate which plays an active role during fatburning. It was a favorite among competing bodybuilders during preparation for championships since it helped athletes whose fat content was already relatively low to obtain a good muscle hardness and density. When the nutrition was right, it was possible that one could obtain with Finaject simultaneously both a high strength gain and a qualitatively high muscle gain; and the entire muscle system continued to get harder. 

Since Finaject is the acetate form of trenbolone, its effect lasts only a short time and frequent administration is necessary. Most athletes inject I ml (30 mg) every secQnd day. Higher dosages such as, for example, 30 mg/day or 60 mg every two days, however, were not unusual since an enormous strength gain and also a strong but still high-quality muscle gain was obtained. Finaject does not aromatize since its substance is not changed into estrogens. In combination with Winstrol it has a dramatic effect on the body's appearance. To achieve a gigantic strength gain bodybuilders used to combine 30 mg Finaject every 1-2 days and 50 mg Winstrol Depot every 1-2 days (also known as Strombaject) during preparation for a competition and the buildup phase. No other combination gives the athlete such an incredible hardness and such a defined muscle gain. The possible physical change obtainable in only a few weeks is enormous enough to shock some non-involved observers. Believe us, competing bodybuilders love this combination especially. Finaject was also part of probably the most effective stack for mass buildup. Together with Dianabol or Anadrol 50, and testosterone, "Fina" builds up strength and mass in record time. So much about the positive aspects of Finaject which, unfortunately, are often spoiled by its considerable negative side effects. 

"Fina" is quite kidney-toxic and after a certain time of intake, it may cause pain in the kidneys. The first sign of possible kidney damage manifests itself in a very dark-colored urine. Some athlete will probably still remember the day when he excreted blood in his urine for the first time. It is important that Fina not be taken in high dosages over a prolonged period of time. It must also be observed that the amount of fluids is increased to at least one gallon/day so that the kidneys are well flushed. Finaject has considerable androgem caused side effects both in women and men. Athletes often report head-aches, nasal bleeding, high blood pressure, oily skin with acne, and in part an enormous increase in aggressiveness. The high blood pressure is surprising since TMFina" does not cause water and salt retention which are normally the main cause of this condition. The skin can also considerably worsen which again manifests itself in a higher production of the sebaceous gland resulting in severe acne and larger pores. Especially negative is the characteristically high aggressiveness of athletes. "Fina" gets into your brain and can cause considerable mood swings in its users. One is extremely irritable and can "act out" quite abruptly. Daniel Duchaine in his Underground Steroid Handbook 2 hits the nail on the head: "Someone on Finajet is no fun to be with." Women, in short time, can experience most undesirable cosmetic changes which often are irreversible. Despite this, many top female bodybuilders and powerlifters have included "Fina" in their training program for competitions. Finject is no steroid for male/female leisure bodybuilders and, if at all, should only be used by advanced and ambitious competitive athletes. Sensible women refuse to take it. Although "Fina" does not aromatize, its users often report gynecomastia. We believe that the reason for this is that during the late 1980's many athlete and today all users do not inject original but faked "Fina." Since the fake usually turns out to be a common testo this seems to explain the feminization symptoms. Original "Fina" was often recognized by the pain it caused at the point of injection even hours after the injection. Some athletes complained about hot flashes, nausea, and, in the event of veterinary compounds, "steroid fever." The original "Fina"-as mentioned before-has not been manufactured in years and many have been replaced by Parabolon which is made in France and comes from the field of human medicine. Parabolan, as a substance, also contains trenbolone but without the acetate form (see Parabolan). 

As promised we conclude by discussing Finaplix which has become increasingly popular in recent years. When we previously talked about Finaject or Finajet, we referred exclusively to the injectable solution dissolved in oil. Finaplix1 however, is a little more difficult because there is no place to insert a needle and draw a solution. Finaplix is a veterinary drug which is not for injection but is to be "shot" into your system. You have read correctly: animals are shot with Finaplix using an implant pistol. Finaplix is only available in this one form of administration, in the form of pellets which are small, cylindrical implants similar to tablets. We hope but do not guarantee that no one will hold such a pistol at his behind and pull the trigger. Athletes who are afraid of injections apparently have even drunk the content of ampules! We can only explicitly warn you not to do so. Back to its form of administration: Two different sizes are available. Finaplix-s stands for 70, Finaplix-h for 100 pellets which are enclosed in a cartridge. These pellets are obviously not intended to be swallowed. Their basic chemical structure is developed in such a way as to break down very slowly; that is, the substance release is delayed. Once implanted, its substance is expected to work for a certain time in a way similar to progesterone or estradiol patches for women. One way of administering the substance found in the pellets consists of first grinding the pellets into powder by use of a mortar and pestle. Then the powder is put into a container, adding 2 ml of distilled water or sesame oil. (Two pellets should be enough, since one pellet contains 20 mg trenbolone acetate.) Then combine powder and liquid and draw up the solution using a syringe. At this point we want to emphasize once more that this procedure has a great number of risks. The injectable solution was not created under sterile lab conditions and an injection could cause infections and many other complications. 

Another way of administration which is far less dangerous, can be prepared as follows: the ground pellets are mixed with a mixture of 50% water and 50% DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). Then the mixture is put on the skin and allowed to soak in. Dimethyl sulfoxide is used to transport the substance trenbolone through the skin. Using this method approximately 40 mg of the substance can get into the blood without much harm. On the black market a box of 100 pellets costs up to $400. So far we have not seen any fakes. 


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