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DNP was originally made as a replacement detonating compound in TNT. When used in humans, however, DNP will raise body temperature by interfering with mitochondria oxidative phosphorylation. The way that this is accomplished in the body is that DNP diverts fatty acids away from ATP production and throws them off as heat instead. Aspirin, clenbuterol, and ephedrine all do the same thing but to a much lower extent. This is why you feel your body temperature rising when using these compounds. 

DNP was used as a fat loss diet drug in the 1930's. There was a 1% incidence of users developing cataracts though and since DNP was not listed as one of the ingredients in these dieting drugs, they were pulled from the market. The thing that makes DNP so alluring to most bodybuilders is that it will boost your metabolism like no other drug out there. With even a low dosage, in the area of 3-5 mg/kg of bodyweight a day, it will rate your metabolic rate 30%. If this dosage is continued daily, it will raise your metabolism by 50%. At this rate you can burn about 1 lb. of fat a day. This product is very dangerous to use though. An overdose of only 4 times the recommended one will kill you. As far as this product raising your body temperature, it can raise it indefinitely as well. You can die or suffer brain damage after your body temperature goes over 104 degrees. DNP can raise your temperature much higher than that as well. If brain damage and death are not bad enough side effects to you, you can also suffer irreversible liver damage and/or kidney damage as well without even an overdose while using this product if you stay on it for too long. 

DNP is known for cutting down on T4 to T3 conversion in the liver. For a person that is highly active and on a calorie restricted diet, DNP will deplete ATP within a matter of days. When this happens your body temperature will go back to normal. The only thing you can do at this point is supplement with Cytomel (see that page on more information) in the dosage area of about 150 mcg/day. This product is only sold as a research chemical. DNP can be used as an insecticide so that can be a reason for purchasing it if someone asks you. Effective Dose: For overweight individuals with a bodyfat level over 15% the recommended dosage is between 3 - 5 mg/kg of bodyweight. For non-obese individuals with a bodyfat level less than 15%, the recommended dosage is between 5 - 8 mg/kg of bodyweight. In practical terms, a 200 lb. bodybuilder would need a dosage at 8 mg/kg of bodyweight of 728 mg/day. Keep in mind though that a dosage of 4 times this will kill you about 50% of the time. This is a very high, only 4 times the recommended dosage. This makes DNP a very deadly substance to fuck with. Probably the most deadly thing a bodybuilder can take. Street Price: I have not seen this sold on the street. At some research chemical companies it sells for as low as 500 grams for around $20. 

Stacking Info: This product can be taken with Insulin for excellent anabolic/thermogenic gains to combat the usual fat gain associated with Insulin use.


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