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testosterone steroids

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Known Name Brands: Fertodur, Neoclym, Ondogyne, Rehibin, Sexovid 

Description: This product is usually found in boxes of 16-30 tablets in a box in dosages from 100-400 mgs. per tablet with the 200 mg. Fertodur Brand from Mexico being the most common that is still seen. Cyclofenil is an estrogen that works as an anti-estrogen as well as a testosterone booster. It works as an anti-estrogen in that it is a weak estrogen that binds to estrogen receptors thus keeping the harsher estrogens from doing as much damage to the body during a steroid cycle. Since this product does help to produce testosterone as well it is similar in action to HCG, Clomid, and Proviron. It will in fact increase the normal testosterone levels to about double the normal level at a dosage of only 100 mg. per day. I really like this product. Most people say that it is weaker that the other products of its kind listed above. It works so well in fact that it is taken by some people during their steroid cycle to keep estrogen levels low plus it has some added effects that are also desirable. It keeps the water retention levels lower than normal and it gives the physique a harder appearance as well thus making this product a potential precontest product in itself. Cyclofenil also will give you slight gains in bodyweight and strength as well as an increase in your energy levels and a faster recovery rate after training. I personally took this product after my last cycle and have yet to see the normal drop off in strength that I normally get after a cycle of steroids. This product, at this point, is my favorite post cycle testosterone recovery drug. Side effects from this product are miniscule as well. You might get a slight bit of acne and a couple more boners than normal (this is a side effect) but that is really it. 

Effective Dose: Average dosage is around 400-600 mgs. per day since less than that is generally not considered an effective dose or more likely you just can't feel it working at that low of a dosage. Street Price: The average street price if you can find this product would be about $40 per box of 16. This stuff will cost you $18-19 per box in Mexico if you can find it there. It is generally regarded as one of the harder to find items. 

Stacking Info: This product is a good precontest drug or used to increase testosterone levels during the end of a cycle. 


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testosterone steroids