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Cheque Drops: 

Cheque drops are a veterinarian steroid made by Upjohn that is designed to keep female dogs from going into heat. It comes 100 mcg per cc, 55-cc bottle. It is the most toxic androgenic steroid available. It is even more toxic than say Finajet or Anadrol 50. Boxers and Powerlifters use it to increase aggression and strength prior to training or competition. It has been rumored that this is what caused the infamous "ear-biting' incident that occurred when Evander Holyfield last fought Mike Tyson. Users report many side effects and little gains when using Cheque Drops. It was very popular about 10 years ago but has since faded away. It is very hard to obtain and is not sought by many athletes. The drug itself is a sublingual liquid that is dropped under the tongue and gets in the system within a matter of minutes. The athletes that were using this item would only take it prior to a competition or prior to workouts and would not use it any longer than two weeks at a time. 

Effective Dose: A few drops under the tongue and not used for but a few weeks at a time. 

Street Price: Not a clue. Too hard to find. Even if I could find it I would not buy it. 


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