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Substance: Oxandrolone 

Anavar was originally manufactured by Searle Laboratories under the brand name until it was discontinued a couple of years ago. It is still made by SPA Labs under the generic name, oxandrolone, in Europe. It is also available under the Lipidex brand name by Searle of Brazil. Oxandrolone is a very mild, low androgen steroid. It was a favorite of thousands of men and women users simply because it did Work to some extent and very rarely caused any adverse reaction. Anavar was primarily used to promote strength or muscle hardness. Athletes’ claim that this drug was unsurpassed in its ability to promote strength without water weight gains. Oxandrolone will not aromatize at any dosage. This makes it ideal for steroid users with potential hypertension complications as well as pre-existing gynecomastia. Oxandrolone was not known as a steroid to "bulk up" on; yet, it was often part of a bulking stack. For example, it could be combined with testosterone or Dianabol to accent these highly androgenic compounds. The average dosage of Oxandrolone for men is in the area of 6 tablets per day. For women, 3 tablets a day seems to be prudent. 

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